Time is ticking. Whether you’re an IRO, Sell-side Analyst, work in Corporate Access or a Portfolio Manager, MiFID II will significantly impact how you work today.

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Under the new regulations, corporate access will become a standalone service, unbundled from research and with its own pricing model. The rules will impact everyone involved in Corporate Access. WeConvene is the only technology provider able to help all three sides involved in corporate access meet the challenges that MiFID II will pose.



To ensure compliance, buy-side firms will have to make explicit payments for corporate access and clearly demonstrate the value of those meetings.


  • Automatic tracking of all meeting details and ability to self-generate activity consumption reports.
  • Rate and add notes to meetings, making it easy to record and track value.
  • Direct connectivity to corporates and tools to take greater control of your own corporate access.
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Sell-side firms will need to price corporate access at acceptable commercial levels and all interactions must be accurately tracked and fully transparent to clients.


  • Connect with clients across a unified platform for fully transparent meeting information.
  • Every meeting detail automatically tracked, removing the need for manual reconciliation.
  • Organize and manage events efficiently and thrive in a world of reducing resources.
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Whilst not bound by the MiFID II regulations, IR teams will start to see: 1) Increasing numbers of investors wanting to organize meetings directly; 2) Reduction in coverage from the sell side where it is no longer economically viable.


  • Connect directly with your investors across a unified platform.
  • Ensure your events are seen by a global buy-side audience.
  • Manage incoming investor meeting requests efficiently.
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Nov 29, 2017

The industry standard for managing research payments?

Q3 2017 saw something of a sea change in the stated approach of how leading global asset managers intend to manage research payments under the new regulations. The number of global firms that have publicly outlined their plans to pay for external research costs out of P&L suggests the emergence of a new industry standard. This will have important repercussions for how the whole industry manages research payments and also how the pricing of research and corporate access evolves.

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Nov 27, 2017

MiFID II - The new reality for investor relations

A tremendous amount of work has been done on both the buy and sell side, quantifying, implementing and testing new technology and processes in an effort to comply with the MiFID II regulatory requirements. One group of MiFID II stakeholders however, still seems to have its collective head in the sand: Investor Relations Teams. In this whitepaper we examine the new reality of a post-MiFID II world for Investor Relations teams and what they need to prepare for.

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Sep 16, 2017

Pricing for meetings - the changing landscape

In June 2017, we wrote in our whitepaper Preparations for MiFID II - Are you sure this is the right way? that for the industry to move forward in terms of corporate access pricing there needed to be an open and honest conversation between the sell side and their clients around both the value and true cost of the service being provided. Our sense at the time was that the process of price discovery was still at a very early stage but just a few months on and it is clear that progress is being made and a number of firms are starting to clearly define their positions.

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Aug 9, 2017

Will MiFID II set the standard of best practice for US firms?

Whatever region you operate in, it is likely you will have heard something about MiFID II. Particularly for U.S.-based financial professionals, who are outside of MiFID II’s direct purview, there is probably a sense of relief about not being directly impacted. In this article we take a look at why even for those not immediately impacted, the new law still has some important considerations.

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June 30, 2017

Preparations for MiFID II: Are you sure this is the right way?

With only six months until the MiFID II regulations come into effect, almost the whole industry has woken up to the fact that they will need to have a system in place to comply. In this whitepaper we examine whether the tracking and reporting solutions being implemented by firms as a way to ensure compliance are the best long-term solution for the buy side and if not, what an alternative might look like.

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May 4, 2017

MiFID II and the impact on investor relations

With all the talk on MiFID II, there has been little in-depth focus on how the Investor Relations function will be impacted because much of the detail is focused on the technical elements of trading, price discovery, reporting and transparency.

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March 18, 2017

Corporate Access: Tackling the upcoming MiFID II regulations

Despite the technical requirements for MiFID II compliance in areas like trade reporting being extraordinarily detailed, the way traditional corporate access will be treated is still open to debate and in particular how much of it will qualify as “research” under new guidelines. In the second of our series of papers on MiFID II we will look at MiFID II specifically in the context of Corporate Access and examine how technology can help in addressing the regulation for those in the corporate access space.

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February 28, 2017

MiFID II: What is it and who does it impact?

The January 2018 deadline for compliance with MiFID II is rapidly approaching and for many in the global investment services industry, it is crunch time in terms of understanding and preparing for one of the most comprehensive regulatory overlays since the 2008 global financial crisis. In the first of our series of papers on MiFID II we will look at what MiFID II actually is, the goals of the regulations and who they impact.

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