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How to Get the Best Investor Response for Your Event

We are often asked by Investor Relations teams how they can generate the maximum amount of investor interest in the events they launch on WeConvene. This is something we have given a lot of thought and with a lot of the team here being ex-portfolio managers and buy side analysts, it is a question we are well placed to answer.

Meeting with management is consistently highlighted by PM’s as the most important part of their investment process. Ironically, it has not always been easy to find the meetings that are most relevant. Indeed, one of the reasons for founding WeConvene was because as PM’s and analysts, we were getting bombarded with over 300 emails highlighting 100’s of events every week. The volume was so overwhelming that we were often missing meetings that we really cared about.

WeConvene is built on the premise that PM’s and Analysts know better than anyone what they are most interested in at any given time. Therefore, we have built powerful search tools to help them discover the events they really care about. However, with a potential global audience of 150,000 buy side users and thousands of events on the platform at any one time, how can you ensure that your events are found by the right investors?

Well, it is actually pretty simple - Our analysis has shown that PM’s primarily search for events based on 1. Ticker 2. Sector and 3. Event Location. Users on WeConvene and the Bloomberg terminal are automatically alerted when an event is launched with a ticker that is contained in their watchlist - hence, including your ticker is the key piece of information to include in your event and ensures that any PM focused on your company will know when you have an event coming up. For similar reasons you should include your sector in the “Keywords” section so your event is searchable by PM’s that are looking at a whole sector. You can also get as specific as you want with keywords - want your event to be found by investors focused on ADR’s or Small Caps? Just include “ADR” or “Small-Cap” in the keyword field.

Once an investor has found your event, they now need to be persuaded that the meeting will be a valuable use of their time and this is where it is important to “sell” your event. PM’s have consistently highlighted that the detail they care about most is who they are meeting. You should list all participants in the event and also include a detailed Bio for each participant, especially if they are not from the C-suite as many PM’s will welcome having more detailed info about management they may be less familiar with. We also highly recommend making use of the “Summary” and “Description” fields to list out discussion topics or any other pertinent information that will pique investors interest.

Although WeConvene can’t force investors to show interest in your events, by following the above tips, you can greatly improve the chances of your event being found by the new and unknown investors who are potentially interested in your company.

For more details on the above and other helpful tips, we put together this event creation cheat sheet. If you have any questions on this or anything else about WeConvene, send us a message at

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