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We've Improved Our Event Creation Functionality

Our event creation tool was the first part of the platform we developed (over 4 years ago now) and for obvious reasons is the most used feature on WeConvene. But as it has evolved with new functionality added, the user experience has become a little more complicated than we would like. In addition to this, our rapid growth in users (although entirely positive), has brought with it the challenge of maintaining excellent system performance - nobody likes the annoying “page loading” spinning icon.

After gathering user feedback on enhancements they would find valuable, we recognized the event creation functionality would benefit from some refinement. As one of the core WeConvene features that touches all parts of the application, development definitely presented some challenges but we are pleased to announce that on the 29th July, the new and improved event creation functionality will be available to all Corporate Access and Investor Relations users.

So what should you expect to find when you next login?

Well, everything should still feel pretty familiar as we haven’t altered the look and feel of the feature too dramatically, but some of the key feature additions are:

Event Access Settings

We’ve simplified the process of selecting which clients can access your event(s). With four simple options to choose from the feature is much more flexible, enabling you to easily open up your event to a wider audience as the event progresses.

Meeting slot visibility

It is now possible to switch meeting slot visibility on and off at any time during the event. We have simplified the action giving you the option to launch an event with all slots hidden and then open up visibility as the event progresses.

Batch Schedule Editing

We know last minute event changes are commonplace and now applying ad-hoc changes to your event schedule is simple. Whether it’s adding an extra participant to every meeting slot or moving all meetings back a couple of hours - the new batch schedule editing function helps you make these changes in seconds.

Event Preview

We have added in a preview section that summarizes all the key event details you have entered, so you know exactly what will happen once you launch the event and hopefully reduces the risk of any errors being made.

About WeConvene

WeConvene is a platform for the capital markets community focused on making the creation, distribution, marketing and execution of meetings between Analysts, Corporates, Investors, IR firms, Expert Networks and Investment Banks - efficient, easy and economically viable. To learn more, visit us at www.weconvene.com or request a demo.

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