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How to Manage Complex Events the Easy Way

Putting together an event schedule is always a time consuming process. Aligning meeting participant’s availability; deciding locations; making sure meeting rooms are available; factoring in travel time and then trying to get the right investors into meetings is rarely a straightforward process. But after speaking with hundreds of event organizers across the corporate access and investor relations space, two types of events are specifically highlighted as causing a scheduling headache:

  1. Roadshows with multiple travelling teams
  2. Corporate Days or Mini-Conferences with multiple corporates presenting

Both these event types involve complex schedules and where there are multiple meetings running concurrently, it becomes difficult to a) keep track of specific meeting information b) maintain a clear view of the whole event and c) ensure there are no scheduling conflicts.

Consistently hearing these pain points motivated us to build a solution that simplifies the process of organizing large events and removes the need for event organizers to resort to using Excel as their scheduling tool - there are many powerful uses for Excel but we remain unconvinced that managing an event schedule is one of them!

We began by using the WeConvene Event Creation functionality to create a Corporate Day event with 10 companies holding meetings at the same time (more frustrating than we would have liked). After going through this process we found creating a schedule was a lot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and the challenge for users was being able to maintain a clear view of the entire schedule while also having the ability to focus on specific parts of the schedule and easily access the individual meeting details.

How WeConvene makes it easy to manage complex events

With that challenge as our starting point we arrived at four features that we wanted to add, to make organizing a complex event a pain free experience for event organizers.

Feature 1: Tag a meeting

We have added the ability for users to add a “Tag” to a meeting. A simple example of how this can be used is for instances where there are multiple travelling parties (Teams) within a roadshow, users can tag meetings (“Team A” or “Team B” etc.), making it easy to filter for a specific travelling party’s schedule.

Feature 2: Filtering the meeting schedule

One of the challenges with a complex event is breaking down the schedule into smaller manageable chunks, so to make this easier, we have added the ability to filter the schedule view by any meeting criteria, such as participants, location, meeting type, tag or presenting company.

Feature 3: Meeting tracks

Users can organize meetings into specific tracks based on any meeting criteria (location, meeting tag, presenting company), putting all meetings happening at the same time, side by side - for a complete picture of the event.

Feature 4: Conflict warnings

When putting together a schedule with 40+ meetings and multiple participants, mistakes will happen so to minimize this, we have added conflict alerts. Whenever a meeting participant is “double-booked” the event organizer is notified.

All these new features will be released on 17th February 2018, if you are interested in taking a deeper look, drop us a line to request a demo.

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WeConvene is a global, independently owned web-based platform that automates corporate access consumption and evaluation for the investment community. Events large and small directly impact investment strategies and WeConvene provides value to buy-side, sell-side and corporate organizations by enabling efficient discovery, booking and tracking of meetings. To learn more, visit us at or request a demo.

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