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How to Make Roadshow Route Planning Easier

For all the time, effort and money that is put into organizing roadshows it is interesting that something as simple as the travelling between meetings can still have such a high impact on the perceived success of a roadshow.

As many Corporate Access and Investor Relations teams can attest to, whether it is zig zagging between The City and Mayfair in London or Downtown and Midtown in Manhattan, there are few things worse than having to witness a CEO wasting their time, sitting in traffic.

The difficulty in grouping meetings correctly by location and avoiding the above scenario is one of the primary reasons large brokers have roadshow logistics teams in place to handle this part of the roadshow organization. And based on the number of our users who highlight it as a persistent challenge, it is clearly not an easy task to get right.

Corporate Access and Investor Relations teams still seem to be spending far too much time on the following two challenges:

  1. Allocating a meeting to an investor only for their location to significantly impact the journey time to the next meeting and the rest of the days schedule.
  2. Not knowing the roadshow locations well enough to group the right meetings together to minimize journey time.

The current go-to solution to help with this for the majority of roadshow planners is Google Maps and for good reason - It has the most data, and uses that data in the smartest way. Which is why we have been working to integrate Google Maps into WeConvene, and are pleased to announce that from early June 2018, all Corporate Access and Investor Relations users will have the following functionality:

Dedicated map view with meetings organized by location and in chronological order.

Event Map View | WeConvene

Clearly marked routes from meeting to meeting, with estimates on journey time (toggle between driving and walking) and directions for the fastest route.

Route from meeting to meeting with estimated on journey time | WeConvene

Ability to include or exclude meetings and enter a new location to easily judge where to add meetings to minimize travelling time.

Ways to minimize travelling time | WeConvene

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