WeConvene Launches New Analyst Marketing and Profile Management Tools

New features extend WeConvene’s MiFID II functionality to help research analysts manage, promote and monetize their availability to the world’s largest buy side audience

New York, London, Hong Kong / March 30, 2017/ WeConvene, a global and fully independent corporate access platform is introducing extended features that will give sell-side Analysts the tools to thrive in a post-MiFID II world.

The WeConvene platform enables buy-side and sell-side firms to collaborate online for the efficient management of all their corporate access and analyst marketing interactions in a single place.

The new features will enable entire research teams to quickly and easily manage all their interactions and marketing schedules with the buy side. From creating and booking meetings online to the promotion of their profile (including industry awards e.g. Extel ranking), so clients can accurately justify the allocation of research funds. The WeConvene platform delivers an innovative solution which addresses and supports the unbundling requirements of MiFID II across the financial community.

Commenting on the new product features, CEO Radek Barnert said “MiFID II presents many challenges to our clients, one such challenge is monetizing Analyst time and availability under the new rules. We have added analyst workflow to enable sell side research teams to do just that, by directly connecting them to the largest buy side audience globally”.

With MiFID II approaching many sell side firms are working to establish a model for charging for analyst time. To support this change firms will need to ensure all interactions are accurately captured and transparent to clients for billing. Likewise, as we move to a monetized approach, buy side firms need a way to objectively evaluate the quality of analyst services and ensure budget is spent on the most valuable meetings.

“Under MiFID II buy side firms will cast a critical eye over what research is paid for which is likely to lead to a “flight to quality” says Joseph Connelly, Global Head of product at WeConvene. “Analysts will face increased pressure to demonstrate their value, in what is likely to become a highly competitive environment. The visibility of how their time is spent along with their credentials (to promote their value to clients) will become critical.”

The key features of WeConvene’s Analyst Access workflow include:

  • Connect with the world’s largest buy side audience
    • Create events, meetings or calls and manage all bookings online
    • Promote your availability with clients and effectively manage incoming requests
    • View details reports of all interactions with clients in real-time
  • Promote and market your services
    • Create a detailed biography to promote the sectors and markets covered as well as the inclusion of relevant survey rankings e.g. Extel Survey, and career highlights
  • Automated consumption tracking and evaluation tools
    • At a firm level have a complete picture of all Analyst interactions and customize to your needs e.g. Analyst comparisons, meeting type, client type, location etc.

About WeConvene

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