WeConvene launches Investor Relations workflow, connecting all three sides of the investment community

WeConvene IR is a breakthrough enhancement, giving IR team direct control of sell-side and investor interactions

New York - WeConvene, the provider of a global, web-based corporate access management platform, has announced a major enhancement with the release of WeConvene IR.

This breakthrough feature brings all three sides of the investment community onto a unified platform that empowers IR teams by connecting them directly with their sell-side partners and investors. Finally, enabling real time connectivity, collaboration and communication.

“WeConvene has always believed that there is no reason why any participants in corporate access should not be part of our platform, be they sell side, buy side or IR Teams. Which is why the launch of WeConvene IR is the next milestone in our company’s vision.” said Radek Barnert, CEO of WeConvene.

The corporate access landscape is changing, MiFID II is acting as an industry catalyst and although companies are not tied to the regulatory requirements, they will be impacted by the change. It’s becoming increasingly clear that IR teams will need to:

  1. Interact more efficiently with the sell-side in a ‘do more with less’ environment
  2. Demonstrate the ability to attract the attention of a broader base of investors
  3. Manage an increased level of inbound inquiries, in an organized and efficient manner
  4. Organize roadshows while developing new strategic approaches to investor outreach
“There are a number of costly, unconnected, legacy systems in the market designed to address corporate access needs in a MiFID II environment, however, they fail to tackle the increased resource and budgetary constraints that IR teams will face come January 2018,” continued Radek, “By giving IR teams direct connectivity to the sell-side and buy-side, the entire process is streamlined.”

Using email as a means of organizing investor meetings, one of the most important functions that an IR team performs, will not suffice in the new landscape. Our technology solves challenges, automates workflows and creates opportunities by allowing IR teams to focus on the valuable aspects of their position, Investor Relations. Take control of your IR requirements, research the market and you will discover that having the ability to connect to all sides of the investment community is the only solution.

WeConvene IR is now available - globally.

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