WeConvene launches “office hours” automated Investor meeting management

New York, July 2018 — WeConvene the largest meeting platform for the capital markets community today introduced new functionality which has been purpose built for Investor Relations Officers (IROs) and sell-side analysts who want to automate their inbound meeting request workflow. The new feature is available immediately to all WeConvene users.

Labelled as “office hours”, the new feature fully automates the inbound direct meeting request process for IROs and the buy-side. Commenting on the new release CEO Radek Barnert said,

“We know from multiple surveys that there is a sharp rise in buy-side going direct to Corporates with meeting requests instead of using the sell-side. This trend will only accelerate putting more pressure on IROs who, until now, have had to use email and spreadsheets to receive, confirm and track meeting requests. In our view the setting up of a meeting is the least valuable part of the meeting interaction, so it makes sense that it is fully automated and the burden is removed for IROs.”

In the same way restaurants publish their table availability months in advance on platforms like OpenTable to let diners book effortlessly and automatically, WeConvene users can now do the same for inbound meeting bookings from the world’s largest buy-side community.

Specifically, WeConvene enables users to:

  1. Create a bookable schedule of their “office hours” (availability) weeks/months in advance for as many time-slots in a day as they like;
  2. Users can publish the “office hours” schedule on WeConvene, their IR website or their own broker portal;
  3. The buy-side can either be invited to view the schedules or can book them via WeConvene or Bloomberg EVTS <GO>;
  4. Once a buy-side user books themselves into the meeting, they receive an automated email confirmation which automatically is added to their calendar;
  5. The IRO or sell-side analyst also receives the confirmation which is also added to their calendar;
  6. The meeting is then logged and added to tracking data for both participants so that they are compliant with the various regulations that may govern such interactions.

About WeConvene

WeConvene is a platform for the capital markets community focused on making the creation, distribution, marketing and execution of meetings between Analysts, Corporates, Investors, IR firms, Expert Networks and Investment Banks - efficient, easy and economically viable. To learn more, visit us at www.weconvene.com or request a demo.

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