BIVA (Bolsa Institucional de Valores) and WeConvene announce a collaboration agreement to bring Investor Access solutions to Mexico's listed Issuers

WeConvene and BIVA will work together to offer BIVA's issuers access to their IR platform.

WeConvene is taking another step in becoming the largest connected platform for investor access by extending their geographic reach.

New York, Oct 24 2018 — WeConvene and Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) announced a collaboration agreement to offer BIVA's listed issuer clients and their IR teams the WeConvene's Investor Access platform.

The two firms will work together to offer an integrated way for BIVA's issuers to access WeConvene's IR platform.

“This collaboration agreement is another step in the buildout of WeConvene's global investor access platform. We are now the world's largest connected platform for investor access and today's announcement is another step to extending our geographic reach as well,” said Radek Barnert, CEO of WeConvene. He added, “BIVA's objective is very much aligned to our own, which is to deliver more transparent, efficient and vastly improved capital markets experiences to our clients whether they are brokers, corporates or investors.”

BIVA is a new stock exchange in Mexico, created in 2017 and launched this past July 25th. BIVA is a new technological and innovative option for medium and big size companies to allocate debt or capital on the Mexican public market. One of its main strengths is its service offer, based on aggregated value for issuers, before, during and after they become public.

The CEO of BIVA, Maria Ariza, added “We are proud of our alliance with WeConvene since it's a milestone in terms of our offer for issuers through their public life. WeConvene will help our listed companies be efficient in their IR areas objectives. We look forward to keep reinforcing our relationship with WeConvene in the time to come, since we find common goals in terms of fostering wellness for companies and adding tools to boost their growth.”

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BIVA is created with the purpose to contribute to the growth of the stock exchange through innovation, state-of-the-art technology, and accessibility. The goal is to attract a greater number of participants, thus driving the growth and modernization of the securities market. Powered by Nasdaq, which is the most advanced technological platform in the world, BIVA offers the highest execution quality standards.

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