WeConvene's Mission to Give Clients Time Back in Their Day Takes a Powerful Leap Forward with The Integration of Zoom

We are excited to be adding Zoom to the suite of integrations already available to WeConvene customers. Our Zoom integration means all WeConvene clients can leave Excel spreadsheets and painfully manual copy and paste workflows behind and turn days of work into minutes.

It's all virtual now

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have witnessed firsthand the transformation of the investor access world. In April, almost 100% of our Sell-side, Corporate and Buy-Side clients switched their investor access events from physical to virtual meetings.

In April 2020 more than 90% of the events planned, managed, and executed were virtual. The top two virtual meeting categories organized by WeConvene clients in April were virtual one-on-one meetings and virtual group meetings. We saw a 40% QoQ increase in events organized using WeConvene. These activity levels drove an 80% month on month increase in bookings on the platform.

All meetings on the WeConvene platform have gone virtual

All meetings on the WeConvene platform have gone virtual | WeConvene

The sharp increase in virtual event activities demonstrates the versatility of the WeConvene platform for creating, executing managing any type of investor access events be they virtual, physical or hybrid. The ease of use is best demonstrated by the 1337% month over month growth in April bookings for large audience webinars and the 200% month over month growth in virtual group meetings, also in April 2020.

The shift to virtual exposed some real pain points

The transition to virtual has not been entirely painless. We listened to our clients (current and prospective) and learned about their three almost identical pain points:


Virtual meeting tools are rarely integrated into event management platforms:

This was heard loud and clear. Many of our clients have access to the common virtualization tools (Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams etc.) however none of these are integrated with their event management platforms. This significant gap has made scheduling vast numbers of calls a painful “copy and paste” exercise just to get call details into the schedule and then separately send them to the attendees.


Tracking and managing attendance is not an inherent feature of virtual meeting tools:

Another not so obvious gap is the absence of a way to automatically confirm, track and see all attendance information at the conclusion of an event. This is particularly painful if where the event was a large group conference call, webinar or AGM. At best some vendors can provide a spreadsheet of attendees. This means more manual work for event hosts, who are likely already working to manage the next event.


Virtual conference one on one scheduling and execution is a workflow nightmare:

The multitude of virtual conference solution providers has helped corporate access teams adjust by providing the delivery medium for investor access meetings. But the delivery medium, while important, is but one piece of the problem. The real challenge is scheduling virtual one-on-one meetings that usually take place around a conference. This process is again managed using Excel spreadsheet with almost zero automation. The range of risks that this gap exposes is significant, on top of the time commitment that such manual work requires.

Everyone was thrown into the world of “virtual meeting everything” without much notice, so it is to be expected that pain points only get discovered when we are already in the thick of it. Its how we respond that makes the difference.

WeConvene heard you so, Zoom!

We listened and we acted.

So, with the release of our Zoom integration (the first of many virtual integrations coming for our clients) we are tackling head on and solving all the pain points listed above.

With the WeConvene v8.10 release we have integrated the world’s largest and fastest growing video communication platform into the core of the event management workflows utilized by our clients everyday to create, schedule and execute any kind of investor access event.

Simply stated here is what the integration means:


No more copy and paste and no more spreadsheets:

Our users will be able to generate secure individual Zoom meeting links for every slot and its attendees working in-line during the creation of the schedule.


No more duplication and errors:

When attendees confirm their interest, they can receive the Zoom meeting details in their booking confirmation from the event host using WeConvene which automatically is added to the attendee calendar.


No more event attendance spreadsheets:

WeConvene is the only platform for investor access event management that delivers platform benefits for its users. All meetings and all meeting attendees are automatically tracked pre, during and post event.

All Meetings On The WeConvene Platform Have Gone Virtual | WeConvene

Whether clients are scheduling one-on-one meetings with clients or investors or you are hosting a virtual conference for thousands of attendees the workflow can now be automated and securely managed.

There are many "Zoomcases" at your fingertips

As we worked on the integration we talked with clients and learned from them about their use cases:

Sell side research house:

Analysts will be scheduling calls with buy side clients

Sell side research analysts can schedule hundreds of Zoom calls automatically with investors without the need to copy and paste details into emails or clumsy invites. All calls are automatically captured in statistics.

Sell-side corporate access team:

Will host virtual conference.

Corporate access teams have switched all meetings to virtual and this has exposed a new opportunity – the ability to host mass scale conference events without the need to be concerned about physical space limits. This means hundreds more attendees and now that it is automated it means days of manual work have evaporated.

IRO at large public company:

Will host quarterly investor calls

IROs and their C-suite host quarterly calls with analysts and investors. These can now be set up using fully automated WeConvene workflows. To quote one happy client “This will save me hours, no it will save me days [of work]”.

Head of DCM:

Will host virtual deal roadshows

DCM teams have never been busier. Execution of deals has continued but the amount of manual effort going into hosting global investor calls is greater than ever before because existing systems were not built for remote work and or virtual activities.

Corporate Access originator at large Asset Manager in NY:

Will organize virtual investor calls

Recently used the newly available event creation and management tools available to buy side clients on WeConvene. Now plans to schedule 20 Zoom calls with Corporates in Europe to assess COVID-19 plans and impact on business on behalf of the Investment management team.

It's already in the platform so getting started is easy

The integration can be triggered from within the WeConvene platform but our app is also available on the Zoom Marketplace. Your Company's Zoom administrator may need to permission the integration.

Zoom Marketplace - WeConvene Application | WeConvene

The future is bright, it’s virtual and automated

The team at WeConvene believe that our greatest gift to our clients is the gift of time. The number of products and applications that can truly make the claim to give you back time is limited. We strive everyday to be that product. Hopefully with the launch of our integration with the leading Video Communication Platform we are closer to delivering on our gift.

About WeConvene

WeConvene is an event management and marketing platform for the capital markets community. WeConvene is focused on making the creation, distribution, marketing and execution of meetings between Analysts, Corporates, Investors, IR firms, Expert Networks and Investment Banks - efficient, easy and economically viable. Our global platform automates the mundane and labor intensive aspects of event management, marketing, discovery and booking so that valuable resources can win time back in their day and focus on value creating activities or just lead better lives. For a demo or sales introduction please click here to chat with us now.

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