WeConvene platform migration into Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities will be completed in April 2021

NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2021 — WeConvene, the cloud-based meetings and events management and marketing platform that helps capital markets companies book better, today announced that it would complete its migration of the WeConvene platform into Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom during the month of April 2021. WeConvene expanded their long standing existing relationship with AWS in 2020 to have it be its exclusive provider of cloud infrastructure for the cloud-based meetings and events management and marketing platform serving the capital markets community.

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, supporting millions of customers with a wide range of cloud-computing solutions delivered through a global network of data centers. Its infrastructure satisfies the security requirements of military, global banks and other high-sensitivity organizations.

“Our exponential growth is driving the need to scale the WeConvene platform capacity rapidly and efficiently without sacrificing security, reliability or performance,” said Matt Hall, Chief Operating Officer of WeConvene. “What’s more, AWS is used by many of our enterprise clients, which provided further rationale to choose them as our cloud infrastructure provider.”

“AWS has set new standards for cloud infrastructure in many key areas, particularly those relating to meeting the stringent and escalating compliance and security requirements of the financial services industry,” said Mike Barnert, Chief Technology Officer of WeConvene. “Working with AWS gives the WeConvene technology team greater freedom and flexibility to develop an ever-expanding set of breakthrough capabilities for our customers with a relatively unconstrained view of what a cloud platform can deliver.”

About WeConvene

Established in 2012, WeConvene is the cloud-based meetings and events management and marketing platform that helps the capital markets community book better®. WeConvene makes the creation, distribution, marketing and execution of official meetings and events between analysts, corporates, investors, IR firms, expert networks and investment banks fast and easy, generating better outcomes including greater team efficiency, increased meeting attendance and enhanced client satisfaction. For more information please visit WeConvene.com. For a demo or sales introduction please click here to request now.

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