WeConvene Announces
New Corporate Branding

NEW YORK, Jun. 1, 2021 — WeConvene, the cloud-based meetings and events management and marketing platform that helps capital markets companies book better, today announced the launch of its new corporate branding including a restyled company logomark, new website and updated messaging punctuated with the bold tagline “book better®.”

WeConvene - book better®

“The development of book better® comes after months of research including client interviews and market analysis as well as internal meetings with WeConvene team members,” said Radek Barnert, CEO of WeConvene. ”A clear trend in the majority of the words and ideas expressed was that WeConvene was infinitely better than the approaches used by most capital markets companies to create, distribute, market, and execute – collectively referred to as book – official meetings. Book Better naturally followed.”

WeConvene substantially reduces the amount of time it takes to perform every aspect of arranging meetings and events for all involved. It is both fully featured and intuitive for all who interact with it, and eliminates the drudgery of managing spreadsheets, scheduling via phone and e-mail, or using multiple, disparate systems across multiple internal teams to manage the investor access process. WeConvene has proven to deliver better outcomes across the entire capital markets community, including lowering investor access program costs, improving employee productivity, increasing meeting attendance rates, and enhancing client satisfaction. Consequently, WeConvene’s new website (www.weconvene.com) is built upon a messaging foundation of speed, ease, and better outcomes. A true platform which, unlike individual legacy systems, caters for all sides of the capital markets - buy side, sell side and corporate investor relations teams.

About WeConvene

Established in 2012, WeConvene is the cloud-based meetings and events management and marketing platform that helps the capital markets community book better®. WeConvene makes the creation, distribution, marketing and execution of official meetings and events between analysts, corporates, investors, IR firms, expert networks and investment banks fast and easy, generating better outcomes including greater team efficiency, increased meeting attendance and enhanced client satisfaction. For more information please visit WeConvene.com. For a demo or sales introduction please click here to request now.

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