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Are You Sure You're Prepared for MiFID II?

With only six months until the MiFID II regulations come into effect, almost the whole industry has woken up to the fact that they will need to have a system in place to comply. In this whitepaper we examine whether the tracking and reporting solutions being implemented by firms as a way to ensure compliance are the best long-term solution for the buy side and if not, what an alternative might look like.

Topics covered in this white paper:

  • The risk that “implementation panic” leads to the adoption of solutions that have the potential to create another set of long-term inefficiencies.
  • The importance of user generated data for accurately evaluating services received.
  • The advantages of moving to a truly transaction based pricing model for research and corporate access services.

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WeConvene is a global, independently owned web-based platform that automates corporate access consumption and evaluation for the investment community. Events large and small directly impact investment strategies and WeConvene provides value to buy-side, sell-side and corporate organizations by enabling efficient discovery, booking and tracking of meetings. To learn more, visit us at or request a demo.

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