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Corporate access gets a refresh and IROs get an opportunity!

MiFID II is completely changing traditional corporate access, from the shrinking role of the sell side to the rise of the buy side and increased numbers of independent service providers.

This report from WeConvene suggests that, with the changes taking place, it makes sense to use the term ‘investor access services’ instead of corporate access because investor access services better reflects the changing landscape of investor meetings, especially as investors don’t meet only with corporates, but also with analysts, experts and academics, to name but a few.

WeConvene’s report looks at what has changed and why it’s important, and offers an analysis of the new model and the democratization that is expected to come with it. It also sets out five likely outcomes from the new model, as well as what it means for the IRO and why.

To find out why IR budgets are expected to rise, how and why the IRO’s role is expected to change in response to MiFID II, and more, download this report today.

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