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The Unsustainable Mismatch in Pricing for Corporate Access

The operating model for Corporate Access delivery has remained relatively unchanged since its inception as a service, but post-MiFID II the traditional providers of corporate access (the sell side) are realizing they need to perform a radical review of their corporate access offerings to ensure the business remains viable and sustainable. This will have far reaching implications for the entire corporate access ecosystem and result in it looking very different in 12-18 months time - something that will also have a significant knock-on effect for Investor Relations (IR) teams.

Topics covered in this white paper:

  • Why the buy side are becoming more vocal on what they will and will not pay for.
  • The significance of the large gap between what the sell side have asked to be paid and what the buy side have offered to pay for meetings.
  • How the disconnect between the price the sell side want and the price the buy side are willing to pay is driving change in corporate access provision.

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