Corporate Access
10x Faster

92% of investors view corporate access as critical to their investment
. But with mounting cost pressures and regulatory demands for greater transparency you need to work smarter.

Discover Corporate Access EventsDiscover Corporate Access Events
All your Corporate Access meetings sync to your Calendar
Comprehensive meeting details to book directly

Meet the OpenTable of Corporate Access

WeConvene is the corporate access management platform that enables buy-side firms to discover, create, book, analyze and rate all your corporate access interactions on a single, online platform.

WeConvene for Buy-Side - OpenTable of Corporate Access

Email and spreadsheets for meeting management

Plan with simplicity. Execute with ease.

Say goodbye to calls, emails and spreadsheets for managing your corporate access. WeConvene streamlines the entire workflow process, from meeting discovery and creation to bookings, rating and tracking - you have a complete solution in one.

WeConvene for Buy-Side - Discover events on Bloomberg Terminal

Disconnected systems

Find the events where you work...
on your Bloomberg Terminal

WeConvene is integrated with Bloomberg EVTS <GO>, giving you a single point of access for all your investment needs. You can discover the events you care about and request meetings without leaving your terminal screen.

WeConvene for Buy-Side - Justify meeting payments

How much do I pay?

Justify meeting payments

However you pay for your meetings, you need the tools to efficiently evaluate your corporate access consumption. Real-time tracking and rating gives you a complete audit trail of every meeting you take.

WeConvene for Buy-Side - Coordinator Workflow

Let your assistant schedule your meetings

Work with a coordinator? No problem. Automated workflow tools enable Asset Managers to mark events of interest on Weconvene or Bloomberg for your coordinator to arrange. Likewise, your coordinator and share target meeting lists for you to review and confirm.

WeConvene for Buy-Side - All your meetings and events taken care of

No centralized tool to manage external events

All your meetings and events taken care of

255 event contributors so far and growing by the day! But what about meetings that aren't on WeConvene? Or, events you originate independently? WeConvene lets you create and manage any corporate access activity so you can manage 100% of your interactions in a single place.

Everything you need for efficient meeting management

Customize your event feed

Create and save personalized search criteria to find relevant events fast.

Manage meetings without a call or email

Book online or send inquiries without a call or email.

Single-point access on Bloomberg

Discover and inquire directly from your Bloomberg Terminal.

Coordinator workflow tools

Collaborate directly with your internal coordinator to manage bookings efficiently.

Evaluate your services

Capture meeting feedback to efficiently evaluate and determine the value of services consumed.

Visualize your meeting consumption

Visualize your consumption through multiple dimensions, such as geography, service provider or team.

Firm-wide meeting & event view

Complete visibility of consumption firm wide to ensure resources are managed efficiently.

Stay up-to-date

Sync your Outlook calendar for a complete view of your appointments.

Hassle-free setup

Connect from any device, without installing anything.

Record 100% of meetings

Create any corporate access activity to have 100% of your interactions in one place.

24/5 Customer support

Always available when you’re working - call, chat, or email us.


Simple setup, no contract, no hidden fees.



Meeting Management

  • Personalized event feed
  • Criteria based event search
  • Online booking
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Online inquiry tool


  • 24/5 Chat & email support
  • Online ‘Get Started’ guides


user / month

All Basic Features plus

  • Personal calendar
  • Firm calendar
  • Coordinator calendar delegation
  • Coordinator collaboration tools
  • Create external events


  • Individual meeting statistics
  • Meeting rating & notes
  • Customized Broker activity reports
  • Firm-wide meeting statistics
  • Real-time meeting activity tracking


  • 24/5 phone support
  • 24/5 online chat
  • In-app quick tours
  • FAQ search tool

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