Investor Meeting
For a New Era

Investor meetings matter - they’re the most effective way to get your company message heard, yet the management of these interactions takes up way, too much time.

Investor Meeting management for a New EraInvestor Meeting management for a New Era
Share a bookable event with investors
Track and analyze the impact of your investor meetings

Meet the OpenTable of Investor Meetings

WeConvene is the only investor meeting management platform that enables you to plan, create, distribute and analyze all your interactions on a single platform.

WeConvene IR - Plan with simplicity. Execute with ease.

Disconnected systems….email, spreadsheets & more

Plan with simplicity. Execute with ease.

Tools like Excel and Outlook, aren’t designed for meeting management. WeConvene has a single focus - making the management of investor meetings easy. From creating a schedule to distribution and tracking - you have a complete, integrated solution.

WeConvene & Bloomberg - Connect with the world's largest investor community.

Limited visibility and total reliance on your brokers

Connect with the world's largest investor community

Asset managers spend most of their day on the Bloomberg Terminal, so it makes sense to have your events there too, right? WeConvene is integrated with Bloomberg, so your events can be discovered where investors work and you don’t even need your own Bloomberg subscription.

WeConvene IR - Let investors schedule meetings

Endless email loops to find a suitable time

Let investors schedule meetings

Save time and have control. Never ask “what time works for you”. With WeConvene you can create your schedule, control access to meeting slots and let your investors select and book a suitable time online.

WeConvene IR - Targeted Event Marketing

One way communication

Engage existing investors

Maintaining relationships with your existing investors is critical and our built-in event marketing tool helps you achieve just that. Create branded email campaigns to get your events directly in front of your investors. And real-time tracking gives you complete transparency of your campaign results to focus follow-up or measure investor interest.

WeConvene IR - Live Itinerary URL

Endless updates and sharing of itinerary docs

“Live” view of latest itinerary

Have peace of mind that event participants have accurate information at hand. With WeConvene you can provide each participant with a dedicated URL for a “live” view of the latest itinerary.

WeConvene IR - Real-time Analytics

Manually reviewing data to understand results

Analyze your impact

Real-time statistics of all investor interactions makes it easy to measure engagement. You can visualize and export all investor meeting data for an instant understanding of the impact and ROI of your investor relations outreach program.

WeConvene IR - Notes

Extracting investor intelligence is time consuming

Efficiently Manage Investor Feedback

Meeting feedback is a vital source of investor intelligence, but is difficult to track and manage. WeConvene delivers a simple solution for recording and using notes intelligently, helping IR teams maximize the value of the investor intelligence they collate. All relevant event and meeting information is automatically stored against a note, enabling powerful search and ensuring key information is easily accessible.

WeConvene IR - Map View

Wasting the CEO's time in transit

Make Roadshow Route Planning Easier

When organizing roadshows, poor route planning that results in management participants wasting their time in traffic is a constant worry. To avoid this, WeConvene has integrated Google Maps, providing a dedicated view that maps meetings by location with estimated journey times so you can effectively plan your schedule and minimize time spent in traffic.

Everything you need for efficient meeting management

Fast meeting & event creation

Create any meeting or event type in minutes - No email, no spreadsheets.

Manage accommodation and travel itineraries

Generate a formatted, ready to go itinerary doc in whatever format you want.

Get your events on Bloomberg

Get your events where investors spend most of their working day to increase your company's visibility.

Control your targeting

Control which investors can see and respond to your meetings and events.

Manage investor responses

Manage all bookings and investor inquiries centrally.

Efficient investor list management

Import and segment your investor list for easy targeting.

Targeted event marketing

Create branded email campaigns and view in real-time who is viewing your emails.

Manage your investor intelligence

Record any meeting details or investor feedback and create your own fully searchable database of investor intelligence.

Effective Route Planning

Google Maps is fully integrated so you can plan the most efficient routes and minimize travel time.

Analytics on demand

Every interaction is captured in real-time and can be visualized and exported.

Link to your IR website

Enables investors to book and respond to meeting directly from your website.

Automated booking confirmations

No need to create calendar invites, WeConvene automates this whole process.

Hassle-free setup

Connect from any device, without installing anything.

24/5 Customer support

Always available when you’re working - call, chat, or email us.


Simple setup, no contract, no hidden fees.

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Event Management

  • Event & meeting creation
  • Launch events to Bloomberg
  • Real-time booking
  • Dedicated inquiry inbox
  • Investor list management
  • Record & Manage Investor Feedback
  • Travel & accomodation itinerary creation
  • Itinerary sharing & export
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Email marketing tools


  • Individual event & meeting statistics
  • Dedicated investor reports
  • Dedicated corporate reports
  • Real-time data capture
  • Data export


  • 24/5 phone support
  • 24/5 online chat
  • In-app quick tours
  • FAQ search tool

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my trial?

14 days.

What happens when my trial ends?

When your trial has ended your account will be downgraded. You will still be able to login and view any events you have created but you will not be able to access any of our powerful, advanced features.

Are there any setup fees?

No. There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our plans.

What are the payment options?

The easiest way to pay for your WeConvene account is by credit card. You can choose to pay month-by-month or annually. You can also make a manual payment, just contact us and we will issue you an invoice.

Do I need to pay right away?

No. You can make payment after your 14-day free trial ends.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Not at all! Our 14-day free trial makes it easy for you to get started and is completely risk-free!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you're subscribed to a month-to-month plan then you can cancel anytime. If you're subscribed to an annual plan then you will need to contact support.

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