Virtual Meetings under COVID-19 -
How The World Of Investor Access Has Quickly Evolved

People are at the heart of the WeConvene ecosystem. The health and wellbeing of our employees, clients, partners and communities are always our top priority especially during this unprecedented and rapidly changing period. We care deeply for all the families around the world that have experienced loss due to COVID-19 and are committed to minimizing health risks and economic impact where possible.

Virtual Meetings - How WeConvene help Investor Access under COVID-19 | WeConvene

Our commitment

We, too, are actively navigating this space of uncertainty and disruption. As a technology company, we are putting initiatives in place to support all sides of the Capital Markets and to ensure Investor Access Meetings can continue at a time when regular and proactive communication is key.

Virtual Events examples

Virtual Roadshows / Meetings

Roadshows, analyst marketing and all physical Investor Access meetings have been cancelled as a result of COVID-19. Virtual meetings are here to stay. Use WeConvene to Create, Manage, Invite and Track your Virtual meetings.

Integrate your WeConvene account with Zoom

Our Zoom integration means all WeConvene clients can leave Excel spreadsheets and painfully manual copy and paste workflows behind and turn days of work into minutes. Once integrated you can generate secure individual Zoom meeting links for every slot and its attendees working in-line during the creation of the schedule.
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... or use any 3rd party conferencing tools

Your company is using a different conferencing platforms like PGI, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and UberConference? No worries, you may also incorporate these conferencing details onto your meeting schedule.

Attention Analysts!

Don't waste hours repetitively creating, planning, distributing and managing your next set of client calls. Scheduling, managing and tracking these can be achieved in minutes using the WeConvene platform.

Buy-side, Sell-side and Corporates

The WeConvene platform is for all 3 sides of the investment community. All 3 sides can plan, create, distribute, invite, manage and track events using the WeConvene platform.


Sell-Side Tutorial: Create a Virtual Roadshow

Corporate IR Tutorial: Create a Virtual Shareholder Meeting

Corporate IR Tutorial: Create a Virtual Meeting with your Analysts

Buy-Side Tutorial: Create a Virtual Reverse Roadshow

About WeConvene

WeConvene is an event management and marketing platform for the capital markets community. WeConvene is focused on making the creation, distribution, marketing and execution of meetings between Analysts, Corporates, Investors, IR firms, Expert Networks and Investment Banks - efficient, easy and economically viable. Our global platform automates the mundane and labor intensive aspects of event management, marketing, discovery and booking so that valuable resources can win time back in their day and focus on value creating activities or just lead better lives. For a demo or sales introduction please click here to chat with us now.

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