WeConvene Launches Enhanced Event Marketing Tools for All Investor Access Event Organizers

WeConvene Launches Enhanced Event Marketing Tools for All Investor Access Event Organizers

New York, Jan 25 2019 — WeConvene, the world’s largest investor access platform for the capital markets, today announced the release of significantly enhanced event communication tools for investor access event organizers. Available to all WeConvene users from Monday 29 January, the new features have been described by early release clients as a “significant leap forward” in event communication tools.

WeConvene’s new event marketing tool incorporates more than 95% of over 100 enhancement requests from existing sell side, IR and Corporate IRO clients. The new tools will automate and add significantly more intelligence to event marketing tools used by investor access event organizers. Commenting on the new release CEO Radek Barnert said

We listen to our clients and we make sure that we quickly and efficiently incorporate enhancements into our own product roadmap so that our platform evolves rapidly and in the direction that makes our sell side, IR and Corporate IRO clients happy.” Barnert further commented, “with these extensive enhancements we are empowering event organizers with automation tools that save time and add a layer of intelligence to event marketing workflows that is not available anywhere else.”

In the same way that other industries (such as travel and hospitality) use marketing tools to invite, confirm, update, remind and follow up with their clients, the WeConvene platform’s enhanced marketing functionality allows for all of these actions to be completed entirely within the platform and at the touch of a button. The experience for both the event organizer and the investor/client has never been so simplified or streamlined.

Specific feature highlights include:

  • A range of templates to use throughout the lifecycle of an event, including event invites; meeting booking or cancellation confirmations; meeting update notifications; reminders and post-event follow-up emails;
    Different email templates throughout the lifecycle of an event | WeConvene
  • Just as easily create a campaign for 1 or 1000 investors with the ability to build intersected target lists in just a few clicks’;
    Build intersected target lists in just a few clicks | WeConvene
  • See detailed email campaign statistics, showing open, click and bounce rates thereby giving users detailed data which is useful when evaluating the success of event communication efforts;
    Detailed email campaign statistics | WeConvene
  • Attachments (research, press releases, presentations) can be added to email campaigns to ensure that investors have any relevant materials ahead of the event;
    Attachments can be added to email campaigns | WeConvene

In addition to the enhanced event marketing features, WeConvene has also greatly enhanced the process by which investors add booked meetings to their calendars. Each confirmation or reminder email contains a link enabling investors/clients to add bookings to their calendar - this one-time action doesn’t require a WeConvene login and only takes a minute to set-up, after which any meetings booked or cancelled via WeConvene will be automatically updated in real-time.

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WeConvene is a global, independently owned web-based platform that automates corporate access consumption and evaluation for the investment community. Events large and small directly impact investment strategies and WeConvene provides value to buy-side, sell-side and corporate organizations by enabling efficient discovery, booking and tracking of meetings. To learn more, visit us at www.weconvene.com or request a demo.

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